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Don’t Judge A Fig By Its Color

November 30, 2011

When it comes to dried figs, move over Black Mission, I’ve just discovered that your ugly green cousin blows you away in terms of taste. After reading Sarah Britton’s new post that highlights figs (and few other super foods), I went out and bought some (and for those of you who read it, just as Sarah disclaims to her friends and family…I’m not trying to tell you anything!). Of the two dried types available at the grocery store, I bought the green because they were organic. Though not nearly as attractive as the purple variety, their taste brought me right back to the eating a Fig Newton as a little kid. These babies are delicious! Dip into some crunchy almond butter and you’ve got yourself one fantastic snack.

A Little Background…

Figs are native to the Mediterranean and were brought over to America by Spanish missionaries (hence the name, Mission Figs). They are soft, sweet and loaded with tiny crunchy, poppy-seed-like seeds. When you think about it from a visual and compositional point of view, the fig is an inverted version of a strawberry. Figs grow in late summer but are available dried through the year. Fresh, ripe figs are 80% water and therefore quite fragile and highly perishable. Figs aid in digestion and have a high sugar content, making them a great option for dessert. They are also an excellent source of calcium.

Types of Figs:

Black Fig – sweet and dry, less perishable

Green Fig – thin-skinned, juicy (my favorite dried)

Purple Fig – juiciest and sweetest, most perishable (my favorite fresh)

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