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My Pumpkin Pie

October 20, 2011

Have you seen The Waitress? How great are Jenna’s pie titles?

I Hate My Husband Pie… “You take bittersweet chocolate and don’t sweeten it. You make it into a pudding and drown it in caramel.”

I Can’t Have No Affair Because It’s Wrong And I Don’t Want Earl To Kill Me Pie… “Vanilla custard with banana. Hold the banana.”

Pregnant Miserable Self Pitying Loser Pie… Lumpy oatmeal with fruitcake mashed in. Flambé of course

So yesterday I made what I like to call: Making The Absolute Best Out Of A Rainy Day Pie…


I’d Rather Experiment In My Kitchen Than Go To The Gym Pie


Anything For Pumpkin Pie… Pour delicious pumpkin pie filling over the best damn whole-grain, seed and nut-meal pressed crust you’ve ever tasted.

I’m honestly not sure what title to give this creation, so I’ll go with My Pumpkin Pie for now. The filling for this recipe was inspired by Heidi Swanson’s Spice-Kissed Pumpkin Pie recipe (which I intend to make verbatim in the near future). My original intention was to create something to eat for breakfast, because I had a container of cooked millet in my fridge that I wanted to use up. I decided to forgo Heidi’s layer of chocolate hazelnut spread on the inside for ground hazelnuts in the crust. The combination of the groundnuts and seeds with the sticky millet made for a perfect pressed-crust (sans butter, flour and sugar).

What I love about Heidi’s recipe is her use of coconut milk for the usual cream or sweetened condensed milk that typical pumpkin pie recipes call for. Last year I made pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving with maple yogurt and the final result was way too tart. Coconut milk has the perfect amount of fat to make the filling rich and creamy, and quite frankly you can’t taste the coconut flavor at all. I used two eggs with the addition of one tablespoon of kuzu as a thickener/ binder. I also substituted maple syrup for sugar. Always remember to dissolve kuzu in liquid, creating a slurry, before adding it to your other ingredients. For my slurry liquid, I used some of the coconut water, separated from the solids/fat from the can.

I chose a rectangular Le Creuset baking dish, as opposed to a tart pan, because I think squares lend themselves better to breakfast than triangular pie slices. Or maybe this is just my way of rationalizing pie for breakfast. Minus the ½ cup of maple syrup, this recipes is filled with healthy fats, whole grains and my favorite, pumpkin.

The nutrients in pumpkin are really world class. Extremely high in fiber and low in calories, pumpkin packs an abundance of disease-fighting nutrients, including potassium, pantothenic acid, magnesium, and vitamins C and E. The key nutrient that boosts pumpkin to the top of the SuperFoods list is the synergistic combination of carotenoids. Pumpkin contains one of the richest supplies of bioavailable carotenoids known to man.


My Pumpkin Pie Recipe:

1 tablespoon butter, melted (to grease baking dish)


1 cup cooked millet

1 cup hazelnuts, ground to a fine meal in food processor

¼ cup flax seeds, ground to a fine meal in food processor (or flax seed meal)

¼ cup pumpkin seeds, ground to a fine meal in food processor

Pinch of salt


1 scant tablespoon pumpkin pie spice blend (plus extra pinch of nutmeg, optional)

1 teaspoon salt

1 tablespoon kuzu, dissolved in 2 tablespoons coconut water

1 can pumpkin puree

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

2 extra large eggs

1 can coconut milk


Pre-heat over to 350 degrees

Butter baking dish

To make the filling, combine all crust ingredients in a large bowl and fold together with a spatula. Press the millet, seed and nut meal firmly and evenly into your buttered baking dish.

To make the pumpkin pie filling, whisk together all ingredients until just combined. Poor filling onto pressed crust in baking dish. Bake for 50 minutes and allow to cool before eating to help filling set. Enjoy with coffee in the morning for breakfast or with a dollop of whip cream for dessert.

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  1. Jennifer Crocker permalink
    October 20, 2011 3:38 pm

    OMG! I honestly have no words for this – this looks like my DREAM pie! I must make one day!!

  2. October 20, 2011 10:05 pm

    If My Sister Doesn’t Bring Me Some Of This I’ll Leave Her Stranded In Southie And Won’t Take Her Sting Pie….. or Please Share With Dear Little Sister Who Is Now Drooling Pie

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