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Reverse Psychology

August 10, 2011

If cooking seems overwhelming, here’s a new way to look at it. Do you typically see a recipe and then buy the ingredients to make it? Are you more often than not, left with certain items that you have no idea how to use again? Does this inhibit you from wanting to cook again in the future? If any of what I just wrote pertains to you, let’s switch things up a bit. Cooking is fun and creative, but as I’ve said before, food is nourishment and therefore your ingredients are important. The next time you want to cook dinner, go to the grocery store and pick out a healthy ingredient that you want to create a meal around. Then find your recipe. For example, lets say you haven’t had any greens yet today, so you buy a bushel of kale. Right then and there you know you are going to create a meal around a super food ingredient. Go home and get ideas for what you want to make. Most cookbooks have individual ingredients listed in the Index and will lead you to recipes that call for them. Or you know you are bound to find hundreds of recipes on the Internet. Okay so some of you may be thinking I’m crazy to have you buy one thing, go home, find a recipe and realize you need more items (that you don’t already have in your pantry) to make the meal…so maybe before you set out to the store, pick your ingredient in your head, find your recipe and then shop. Okay, time for me to go make dinner. Bon Appétit!


Red Cabbage –> Asian Cabbage Slaw

Kale –> Raw Kale Salad with Parmesan and Currants

Sweet Potatoes –> Baked Chile-Cumin Fries

Almonds –> Soba Noodles with Almond-Curry Sauce

Tomatoes –> Caprese Salad


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