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The China Study

July 27, 2011

Our diet is the most powerful weapon we have against sickness and disease. Though food is art, fad, creativity and love, we must remember that above all, food is nourishment, and we eat to live.  Living well requires eating well. Eating right can extend and save your life.

Politics and industry complicate the world in which we eat; whole and natural ingredients have become overly processed. What began as healthy on the stalk, the vine, or in the soil, has more often than not been stripped of its natural benefits by refinement and modification. Food companies and marketers flash pastoral images and health “buzz” words to sell their products in mass quantities.

“The inescapable fact is that certain people are making an awful lot of money today selling foods that are unhealthy. They want you to keep eating the foods they sell, even though doing so makes you fat, depletes your vitality and shortens and degrades your life. They want you docile, complacent and ignorant.” -Forward, xvii

We have more food options than we know what to do with, yet we know so little about how our choices impact our bodies (and our environment). Speed and convenience have taken precedence over quality. What we don’t realize in the time constrained moment of hunger is that what we put in our body matters. It matters in the minutes, hours and years that follow. In fact, the foods that each of us chooses to put in our mouths each day, are the cause of and answer to the American health crisis.

The China Study thoroughly explains the realities of health and diet, proving that a whole foods, plant based diet promotes optimal health. With his son, author, T. Colin Campbell, PHD thoroughly explains and proves that the healthiest people are those who consume a plant-based diet. On the contrary, people whose diet consists primarily of animal protein are prone to chronic disease. I read this book enthralled, with pencil in hand. The information about slowing and even reversing cancer cell growth, alleviating chronic pain and lowering blood cholesterol levels is eye opening. Although the mid section reads like more of a textbook, the information is fascinating and potentially life changing.

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