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The Fat Radish

July 20, 2011

Last night my husband and I ventured down to the Lower East Side to meet four of our friends for dinner at The Fat Radish.

“The cuisine at The Fat Radish does not fall into one particular category but rather returns to a way of eating before food was constantly classified. The menu is bound by one philosophy, simple, healthy, delicious dishes created with well-sourced, seasonal ingredients.” -

Owners Ben Towill and Phil Winser are also the masterminds behind Silkstone, their catering company adored by both the food and fashion worlds.

The atmosphere: runway in the garden

The menu: farm-to-table, a la Jamie Oliver

The vibe: anonymity in an intimate English farmhouse, amongst New York’s most beautiful people

Our party sipped on Ginger Cocktails (with Espolon Tequila, Ginger, Mint & Prosecco) while enjoying the menu below (* my favorites):

Grilled Cheese & Pickles

Chickpea Hummus, Crudités, grilled bread

McEnroe Farms Tomatoes, Grilled Avocado Squash, Chile Lime Dressing

     *A must have: the perfect collaboration of color, texture, acidity and heat

Sweet Pea Summer Pie, Créme Fraiche, Mint

Sautéed Okra and Bell Peppers, Farro Risotto (Special of the evening)

Grilled Swordfish, Sweet Corn Sauté

     *Like a sip of the ocean. He salty sweet corn was the perfect base for a beautiful piece of grille fish.

Bacon Cheeseburger with Duck Fat Chops & House Pickles

Honey Panna cotta, Sponge Cake & Summer Berries

     *Honey heaven on a plate

The Fat Radish Cookie Plate

I was also lucky enough to see a full tour of the space, including the kitchen with a special Chef’s Table (seats up to eight people), the office that organizes all aspects of both the restaurant and catering group and…saving the best for last, the rooftop deck. If you want to throw an amazing party with fabulous food, kickin’ cocktails and the best view the city has to offer…this is the place for you (P.S. May I come?).



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