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To Cleanse or not to Cleanse…

February 1, 2011

Cleanse? YES. Sole juice cleanse without any food? NO. After doing BluePrint’s three-day Excavation Cleanse last April, I was ready to continue the experimentation and took the plunge when Gilt City featured a five-day cleanse from Organic Avenue. I originally signed up for the LOVE deep Cleanse, but midway through day two, I felt horrible. I had a splitting headache (heightened by caffeine withdrawal) and felt incredibly weak and nauseous. The last thing I wanted to do was go to work and prepare food for other people (which is incredibly irresponsible considering I cook and taste food for a living). Back to the drawing board I went to re-asses my goal: health. Year after year my New Year’s Resolution is to respect my body, nourish it with food and exert it through exercise. Nowhere in the preceding sentence are the words “starvation”, “challenge” and “withdrawal”. In fact, what those three words scream to me is: “eating disorder”! And with that, I put a pot of brown rice on the stove and picked up the phone to call Organic Avenue.  I was able to change my cleanse to LOVE Fast, incorporating smoothies, soups and salads to the juices for my final two days ( eating brown rice with my juices to bridge the gap on Wednesday). The minute I stared eating again I felt one million times better… and I have to tell you Organic Avenue’s juices and food taste great. The Mint Chip Smoothie, pictured above, is ridiculously tasty. It is a blend of coconut water, coconut meat, cacao, hemp seeds, agave, peppermint, vanilla and sea salt. In my opinion it was a bit decadent for a mid-day “meal”, but makes for a great dessert.

In conclusion, I love drinking cleansing juices, but I can’t sustain a healthy state in mind and body without food in my tummy.

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